The early bird gets the worm


The magic and charm of our structure,
it exalts itself and finds its fulfillment in the morning!

Start well
the day

The rays of the rising sun illuminate in a spectacular way all the panorama that you can enjoy from our terrace.

There you will be served breakfast, which completes the surrounding charm, with the goodness of its products. We are in the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, studied and loved by the American biologist Ancel Keys.

Today this diet is a cultural heritage of humanity, and our breakfast reflects its canons and goodness. Homemade desserts with the use of the best flours obtained from the grains grown on site.

Certified butter and milk, and of course the best jams, handmade, made by us or local artisans.

Quince jam, figs, apricots, plums, peaches, chestnuts and citrus jams, are the most sought after ingredients of our cakes and pies; in addition to nuts, hazelnuts and almonds, for a healthy intake of essential oils and omega 3.

According to the season you can taste the best fruit, from our garden or from the neighboring ones: figs, cherries, apricots, plums, melons, watermelons, peaches.

We will always be at your disposal and on request we will always try to satisfy your wishes, because your satisfaction is our best reward!

Le Case Della Corte

Loc. Galdo Cilento - Via Mazziotti
Fraz Galdo 84068 Pollica (Sa)
P.iva 04733870655


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